Smithy Close, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD8 9DQ

01484 862 142

St Aidan's C of E Academy

Inspiring Children to Love, Laugh, Learn and Live Life in all Its Fullness (John 10:10)

Chairperson: Lynda Earnshaw
Vice-chairperson: Dorothy Gott
Foundation Governors
(Appointed by the Church)
Lynda Earnshaw 
(Term of office expires 12th January 2024) 
(Business Interest: Job Earnshaws & Bros)
Dorothy Gott 
(Term of office expires 4th November 2023) 
Katie Dollive
(Ex Officio as parish representative)
(Term of office expires 3rd September 2023)
Claire Jones
 (Term of office expires 20th May 2022) 
Rev. Kate Currie
(Ex Officio as Parish Priest) 
Mrs Ruth Hobson
(Term of office expires 31st May 2025)
Mrs Kayley Sykes
(Term of office expires 11th June 2025) 
(Business Interest: YPO)

Parent Governors

(Appointed by the parents of the school)

 Helen Simpson
(Term of office expires 23rd October 2024)
Vincent Shaw
(Term of office expires 5th December 2023)
(Business Interest: Lloyds Bank)
Community Governor
(Appointed by the Governing Body)
Joanne Gwilliam
(Term of office expires 21st January 2024)


Headteacher Governor

Laura Willimott 

(Term of office expires 24th January 2022)


Staff Governors

Liam Wilson

Joanna Burkinshaw (Associate)

Headteacher Performance Management Governors:
Lynda Earnshaw, Claire Jones
(Reserve: Dorothy Gott)
Roles and Responsibilities –2021/2022
SEND Governor: Helen Simpson
Governor Training Contact: Liam Wilson
Governor for Looked After Children: Helen Simpson
Safeguarding (child protection): Katie Dollive
Staff Wellbeing: Kayley Sykes
Quality of Teaching: Claire Jones
Pupil Premium: Lynda Earnshaw
Assessment and Feedback: Vincent Shaw
STEM Governor : Joanne Gwilliam
English: Laura Willimott
Maths: Laura Willimott
Science: Sally Sommerville
RE: Laura Willimott & Helen Ford
Now the responsibility of all governors.
Reception Governor: Lynda Earnshaw
Year 1 Governor: Claire Jones
Year 2 Governor: Joanna Gwilliam
Year 3 Governor: Katie Dollive
Year 4 Governor: Kayley Sykes
Year 5 Governor: Vincent Shaw
Committee 1: Resources:
Laura Willimott, Kayley Sykes, Lynda EarnshawVincent Shaw, Liam Wilson (co-opted)
Committee 2: Values:
Laura Willimott, Katie Dollive, Claire Jones, Rev Kate Currie, Helen Simpson, Ruth Hobson,
Committee 3: Health and Safety:
Laura Willimott, Jason Fisher (co-opted), Claire Jones, Lynda Earnshaw, Joanne Gwilliam, 
Staff Dismissal Committee:
Lynda Earnshaw, Katie Dollive,
Staff Dismissal Appeals Committee:
Claire Jones, Dorothy Gott, Joanne Gwilliam
Pupil Discipline Committee:
Governors as required.
Pupil Admissions Committee:
Laura Willimott, Lynda Earnshaw, Joanne Gwilliam
Complaints Committee:
Governors as required.