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St Aidan's C of E Academy

Inspiring Children to Love, Laugh, Learn and Live Life in all Its Fullness (John 10:10)

Our School Vision is based on the Christian belief that God sent His Son into the world to give us all life in all its fullness. At St Aidan’s CE Academy we work within the context of the Christian gospel values rooted in the person and teaching of Jesus, in particular the three core values RESPECT, COMPASSION AND HOPE. We aim to give our children a love of reading, a thirst for learning, tenacity and a curriculum that allows them to make real decisions about their learning to equip them for a successful future in today’s fast paced and ever-changing society. We believe the most important job we do is help children become the the best version of themselves they can, unlike any other, with their own gifts and talents that make them unique and special. We want them to recognise that they are valued and loved with the capacity to love others, that their life can be filled with joy despite the difficult days and that they are always learning and improving. We want children to believe in themselves, believe in others and believe that life is to be grasped and made the most of.

At St Aidan’s CE Academy, we are creating a school where we LOVE one another as Christians believe God loves us. A part of God’s kingdom where we are kind, welcoming and friendly, caring for each other and accepting and respecting everyone for who they are. A place where we value each child and expect them to value others, nurturing and encouraging everyone. Somewhere we learn to get along, taking responsibility for our actions, finding ways to disagree well and working through our differences together.

At St Aidan’s we are creating a school where we LAUGH loudly at least once a day. A special place where we make learning fun both inside and outside of the classroom. Where we have a positive attitude to our learning and a curriculum full of interesting and exciting learning opportunities. A place where we support each other through difficult times and there’s always time to share a smile.

At St Aidan’s we are creating a school where we LEARN all we can the best we can, persevering and never giving up even when it gets tricky. A school where everyone challenges themselves and others to do better and constantly improve. We recognise learning happens all the time and that it is a two-way process, where you get out what you put in. In our school we learn together, never wasting time or a learning opportunity and we celebrate every achievement however small.

At St Aidan’s we aim to give everyone the best opportunity to LIVE to their full potential. Developing children who achieve their best in all areas of the curriculum and who develop socially, morally, culturally and spiritually as well as academically. We aim to create people who are independent, creative and high achieving, who mature into well rounded, resilient, responsible, confident and compassionate global citizens with the ability to celebrate and share their own unique gifts. Learners who can acquire and apply knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of situations and contexts.

At St Aidan’s we aim to work in partnership with parents to the best advantage of the children. We are a school with strong community and church links who positively encourage the children to engage with the world and community around them and to develop a healthy physical and mental outlook. We like to maintain a happy atmosphere where children feel safe and want to be, a place where dreams are dreamed, goals are achieved, learning is exciting, high standards are set and friends are made. We look forward to welcoming you into our school family.


Miss A Walshe

Acting Headteacher

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