Smithy Close, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD8 9DQ

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St Aidan's C of E Academy

Inspiring Children to Love, Laugh, Learn and Live Life in all Its Fullness (John 10:10)

Logo designed by Harry & Harriet in Sunstar

Collective Worship Club 2021-22 have been working hard on developing the schools communal reflection areas. Watch this space for more details!!!

Our first joint Collective Worship with Kirkburton First School!

Our School Vision


Our School Vision is based on the Christian belief that God sent His Son into the world to give us all life in all it’s fullness. 

Our School Vision is to create a little bit of God’s kingdom here in our school, working together as a team to create a place where we…

LOVE one another as God loves us. 

LAUGH loudly at least once a day.

LEARN all we can the best we can.

so that we

LIVE to our full potential.

Collective Worship Club